Saturday, July 31, 2010

The desk where you sit inside of a frame made of wood...

Sorry  for the lack of posts. The Internet hasn't been working at my house and as I type I am in my backyard using my neighbor's. I was actually going to blog this last night but, went to a late showing of "Dinner for Schmucks" with my older sister and one of my good friends. I wasn't really excited to see it, but it ended up being one of the funniest movie's I've seen in years (only a slight exaggeration). I usually don't laugh out loud during movies, but I was dying, actually the whole theater was dying. If you are going to see a movie see that one. I saw "Inception" last week with my sister and we both agreed that "Dinner for Schmucks" blew our minds much more. See it!  

sorry for the sparkles on my desk, I've been doing some crafts
Anyways, before the movie my sister and I went to a vintage store to see what we could find for fall (I've promised myself that I will only shop for fall now because I need whole new fall wardrobe (I lost a lot of weight during the winter so now I have no clothes that fit me). I didn't find any clothes during my trip but I did find these amazing Bass saddle shoes. I had a pair of Bass saddle shoes on my fall wish list that were on Urban Outfitters for $90, but these were a wonderful $24, and couldn't pass them up.

I also found this cute whistle from the 60's. It was in this giant bin of trinkets for $1 at this thrift store next to the vintage store I found the shoes at. I've had great luck in that bin in the past, and this visit was no exception. I plan on using an extra chain I have and making it into a necklace.
another angle of the whistle

I also purchased this amazing cameo ring at the thrift store. Though it was fairly expensive ($20), considering everything else was $1 to $15, I fell in love with it instantly ( I am a sucker for cameos). Though my snake ring has been my favorite for a while, I now have a new favorite.

I also purchased some amazing old photos from various time periods (1900's - 1960's). There were hundreds of old photos being sold, but these four really caught my eye.

This one I chose because it was the first one I saw. I was amazed with it's age (it was only one of two with the date on them). I also loved her boots and the slightly rococo decoration around her.

These kids crack me up and are currently the background for my computer. The looks on their faces are hysterical, their short shorts are so telling of the time, and it almost seems like these kids should be in a Vampire Weekend music video.

I chose this picture because the guy had a great mustache. That's pretty much it.

May, 1952
This is the only other picture with a date. The calender in back of the girls working at the Hodge Insurance Agency says the month and year. I love everything about these working women; their hair, their outfits, they way they are not taking themselves too seriously.

My sister says it's creepy that I bought these pictures, but I love them. What do you think, is it creepy to buy old photos of people you don't know? (the wording of the question makes it sound weird). Anyways, I don't know when my next post will be, my Internet is so volatile and I can't steal my neighbor's Internet all of the time. I hope to take some pictures with my new Bass saddle shoes and share them with you guys soon !

Listening to: Airplanes by Local Natives

P.S. Happy Shark Week tomorrow! (I am such a nerd)


  1. I don't think it's creepy to buy old photos but maybe that's just cuz buying old photos is something I would do.

    i love your saddle shoes. The vintage store sounds amazing. Nice Cameo ring!

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  2. I love old photos! Though I'd have a hard time purchasing a picture without knowing the story behind it first :)

    Those shoes are SO cute.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. Shark weeeek! I love the line from 30 Rock 'Live every week like Shark Week'. It is a great life motto. :P

    Also I love the second and last photo-both candid and so funny! Cameo ring is neat, they never sell pretty jewelry like that in thrift stores here.

    B from A plus B

  4. I love love love old photos! And thank you for the Dinner for Schmucks review, I can't wait to see it!!

  5. Wow! Those vintage photos are definitely great finds! Thanks for sharing them! It's always interesting to think that those people actually lived and dressed like that! And I love that cameo ring! The photo is just stellar as well!

    Lovely blog!
    Erin :)

  6. The cameo ring is lovely!!
    And I think its kinda wierd buying photos of people I don't know, probably because It's not something I'd do. But its cool to see vintage photos!

    <3 Kelly

  7. Shark week is my favorite week. Ever!

    PS: Completely lurked your entire playlist. It's either pathetic or really cool that I have almost every one of those songs on my ipod.

  8. haha u choose that photo of the guy because he has a mustache lol

    i love old photos too, i've collected a whole box of my grandma's and great grandma when they're young

  9. I love all of these. Theres something amazing about looking through old photographs. I love the history! You have such a cute glad I found it! Have a lovely week. x

  10. I guess I do find it a bit creepy--the whole idea of people's old photographs being sold to people who have no idea who they are--but then I would totally buy them, so...yeah. :P I do love that last one! :D

  11. Love the shoes! It's always great to find something at a thrift/antique store for much cheaper than at places like UO!

    Ok, now I definitely need to see Dinner for Schmucks...I've been wanting to go all weekend!

  12. such great finds! love the shoes and the cameo ring!

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