Sunday, July 18, 2010

The most beautiful colors chase the sun...

Today is the second day of my Nantucket vacation. Yesterday was chaotic, driving 4 hours from Connecticut to Cape Cod, then taking a ferry to the island. I am really excited about all the photos I am taking of the trip, both digital and film. I actually brought my Diana F+ (from Lomography) and I'm going to end up with some (hopefully) amazing pictures to show you guys. I took some pictures today! Here they are...

Romper: Forever 21
Shades: Fred Flare
Keds: TJ Maxx when I was 14

Retro two-piece: Modcloth

There's my sister. She's wearing my necklace. Anyways, when we were on the beach she was heavily hit on by a slightly creepy 30 year old man from Montenegro (by the way, she's 19, just a year older than me). He asked why we were not swimming. She responded that the water was too rough (it was crazy, someone was just saved about 20 minutes before). He did not speak a lot of English so he was confused what rough meant. 10 minutes later, after she made many strange hand movements, and he asked her three times "Sister shy?" (I responded "yes, I am shy", but the real reason I wasn't talking to him much was because I wanted him to leave.) my dad came up to my sister and I and the Montenegro man fled. Fun story right?

Don't worry, there will be more beach pictures soon (and other outfits as well)...

Blue sparkly toe nails!!!

Listening to: Sun Hands by Local Natives

P.S. Here's another teaser for my sparkly nail polish DIY post


  1. I have that same bathing suit! These pictures are all lovely, and I love how your sparkly nails turned out :)

  2. Um... your swimsuit is AMAZING.

  3. Yep, i love your swimsuit too! I wish we had a modcloth in London....actually what i'd really like is to live near beaches like the ones in your pics! xx


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