Saturday, July 3, 2010

All that glitters is nail polish...

So, sorry I took a little break from blogging, I was so busy, but  now I'm back and ready to start posting again. I was actually going to write an outfit post this afternoon, but I was actually shopping online this morning when I came into a little problem...

I am obsessed with sparkly nail polish. I always have been. Usually people put sparkles over another color nail polish, but I like to glob on the sparkles. Though it creates amazing nails, I tend to run out of sparkly polish fast. I'm almost out of my current sparkles so this morning I decided I would go look for some sparkly nail polish online.

When I first started looking for nail polish I remembered a blog post from The Clothes Horse a while back where she was wearing a really fun sparkly nail polish. She said that it was Lippmann's Happy Birthday nail polish. I looked up the nail polish, and found out it was $18.00, too much for me, I was thinking $10, $12, so I decided to keep looking.

Then I remembered that Urban Outfitters opened up a beauty section online. I thought that they must have some sort of sparkly nail polish. So I searched for it on their website and voila! there was the Anna Sui Sparkle Nail polish (shown above in assorted color.) The best thing though was that I would be able to get the $15 nail polish for $12.75 because of the discount code SUMMER15.( I never buy anything online without looking for a discount code)

Now my problem is deciding what nail polishes to buy. I looked at my shopping cart and realized I want $91.09 worth of nail polish. That's not in my budget. So now I need some help. I'm going to ask you guys which color I should buy in a poll, multi color is not an voting option because I ame definitely going to buy it. (See side bar) Please vote, I need help in this important decision in my life. (Just kidding it's not that important, but I do need help picking the sparkly nail polish I want).

Listening to: Souls of Gold by Sister Crayon

P.S. I might be back later today with an outfit post... I hope.

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  1. Ahh, sparkly nail polish is the best! While all of those are lovely, I voted for gold since I figure it's sort of the most neutral option :)


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