Friday, July 9, 2010

Flowers and teapots...

So,I am extremely tiered. Busy past two days.
Yesterday, I was in a car crash. Don't worry, everyone is fine (except for a poor mailbox). My older sister and I were in the car and there was just a huge sun shower (the first rain in a while) when the car started to skid. Amazingly she kept the car on the road and avoided the huge ditch along the road. Eventually when she had to do a donut because the two right tiers blew out a mailbox went through our window, shattering glass and cutting us up a little.  The car doesn't have a scratch on it, besides the broken window and two blown out tiers. It could have been a lot worse. Actually, about 10 minutes after our accident another person skidded about 500 ft away from us and crashed into a pole, totaling their car. This reminded me that crashes happen so easily and people need to be so careful on the road.
Then today I worked for 8 hours organizing the chemical lab at work. If I could go without seeing another graduated cylinder my whole life and be extremely happy. After work I decided that I needed to post some more outfits so I did a photo shoot (with a semi-broken tri-pod I found at work).
So basically, I'm pooped.

Dress: 70's Vintage
Hat: Thrifted
Shoes: Anthropologie

These are close ups of the print. Isn't it adorable!

Listening to: Thieves by She & Him (the music video just premiered on Pitchfork)

Also, sorry I never posted the fourth of July pictures, my friend took the pictures with his camera and he hasn't sent them yet, don't worry though, he said he'll send them soon.

Now I think I'll go to sleep.


  1. That completely sucks about the car accident! I hate car wrecks -- they're so scary and inconvenient.

    At least you have an adorable outfit to make up for it. Loving the shoes and hat. :)

  2. Wow. I'm glad you're safe and sound after that collision. Sounds like there's been a lot of car crashes! I just heard about two others one this week!

    Anyway, lovely outfit! I really adore your shoes - the studs and black fabric work great together!

    Lovely blog! And I like your layout!
    Erin :)


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