Monday, July 5, 2010

I just can't get enough!

I've loved Rooney since The Princess Diaries (the lead singer played Anne Hathaway's love interest. He played the keyboard with M&M's on it, remember?) They're so cute! However, through out the years, I've lost touch with Rooney, until today, when my sisters and I were watching MTV U. A music video with bright vivid outfits of the roller disco days started whirling at me. If was like the aurora borialis! Spandex, crop tops, neons and roller skates were abundant. I was mesmerized.

It was Rooney's new video for "I Can't Get Enough." I usually don't like that late 70's early 80's style (I'm more of a 50's, 60's girl), but I was impressed.  I LOVE the hot pants, bandeau tops, a particular striped top with a low back, and a white belted dress. This has convinced me to do a roller disco inspired photo shoot. A few weeks ago I bought a pair of vintage pink hot pants that will fit the theme perfectly. With a little help from my mom (a roller disco queen back in her day) I think this could end up being really fun and cute. I might even dig up some old photos of my mom at the roller disco!

 What do you think of roller disco style?

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