Saturday, July 17, 2010

On blogging, music, and some updates...

Sorry I haven't had any blog posts in a while.  Actually I haven't read any blogs in a while either. I've just become slightly disillusioned with the whole fashion blogging thing lately. I feel that I can never get a good enough outfit together. I think "I could if I had more shoes" or "only if I had more hats." The truth is that I don't have an unlimited supply of clothing. So I don't have these things. I told my mom I felt this way and she said, "You can't buy any more clothes, you have enough already." It's true, I have no room, I live in a tiny tower at the top of my house with a small closet. So I feel stuck and inferior to other fashion bloggers. I was unsure if I was going to continue blogging, but I decided to persevere. I wonder if others feel the same way.

Anyway one thing I have been doing lately, in extreme excess is listening to music. I've been reading Pitchfork and Sterogum like a madman. I usually read them, but latley it has become a slight obsession. I decided since I'm going to do radio in college I better start reading up on the music scene. So, I've been posting videos on Facebook non stop. About 4, 5 songs a day. Yikes. I bet people are starting to get annoyed.. Here are some songs that I enjoy...

Local Natives has been a slight obsession of mine for a few days. I had their music for a while, but haven't enjoyed a lot until now.

This has been a favorite song since May. It makes me feel like such a badass!

Catchy song isn't it! I'm going to buy the vinyl version because of the great songs and record partly because the record is bright blue.
In other news here are some updates:
  • I got a new computer for college. Dude, I got a Dell, and has a beautiful pattern on the lid. (I will take a picture of it.)
  • Tomorrow I will be heading on a family vacation to Nantucket Island off of Cape Cod (how CT of me), I will try to keep up to date with the blogging and take lots of pictures. (Lots of bikes)
  • I came up with the best DIY project ever. It has to do with sparkly nail polish and how you can save big $$$ on it. I didn't need to buy the Anna Sui nail polish after all, I learned how to make my own (and it's amazing!) I'll do the DIY post after the vacation (it's only a week).

    (Really bad web cam picture of my sparkly nails. The blurriness makes it mysterious, right?)

    Thanks for reading the whole thing (if you did). There were some things I needed to get off my chest. Now I'm feeling better and excited to keep on blogging.


    1. can i just say that you dont need a huge closet to be an awesome blogger.. i dont have a really well-followed blog, but im happy to say that my readers appreciate the outfits i present to them and that's what's important to me.. cliche as it may sound, i think it's not about the clothes, but how you wear them.. im sure you'll get the hang of remixing your clothes and making different looks where you don't need to get new things all the time. most of my pieces are from way way way back and i occasionally buy some items when other pieces get worn out. i dont go buy every new trend out there, coz that's just not practical... im sure you'll be fine with your current closet, it just takes a bit of creativity and inspiration.. :)

      hope i didn't bore you with that long comment, sorry.. teehee!
      Animated Confessions

    2. Nope, you're not the only one who sometimes feels that way! I'm unemployed right now so I can't buy any new clothes, and it's so frustrating. I see all these shoes and hats and dresses that I feel I need to make this or that outfit work, but I can't get them. It's definitely discouraging at times to see bloggers wearing a brand new dress every day. However, I try to remind myself that it's not new, trendy clothes that other girls want to see on my blog. It's personal style, and seeing how other people creatively use what's already in their closet. I love reading blogs that are more about style than actual items of clothing. Try not to let it get you down! Just go through your closet and try to dig out some old pieces and see what new ideas you come up with for them. :)

    3. Thanks so much you guys! Your comments really encouraged me, part of fashion blogging is being creative with what you've got. I feel so much better. Thanks again for writing such encouraging things!


    Critiques, questions, and admiration is much obliged ♥

    I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible