Monday, July 26, 2010

A demon at maths and science...

Blouse: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Vintage
Top-siders: A shop in Nantucket

Today's outfit was inspired by yesterday's post. It's very old fashioned and reminds me of a college girl in the 40's. There are actually two items that I showed yesterday, the blouse and the shoes. I actually got the blouse in the mail today, along with a few other things I bought on sale on both Urban Outfitters and Free People.

In preparation for going to college I cleaned out my closet for the first time since 9th grade (I've organized it, but never cleared it out fully). I didn't know that I had so much stuff. I ended up throwing out two garbage bags full of stuff along with four plastic shopping bags full of additional junk and gave away about 10 items of clothing to my little sister. I did discover a few cool things, like two vintage corduroy skirts that I need to hem and a pair of snake skin heels from the 60's. Overall, I feel better, like I have a clearer mind, with an organized. Plus, now there's more room for new clothes.

My sister took a lot of pictures so I made a little video clip. I wanted to make a gif, but I couldn't figure out how for the life of me!

Listening to: Act of the Apostle by Belle and Sebastian


  1. This is such a sweet little outfit. Love the peter pan blouse with the pearls.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for giving me the scoop on Zara. Excited!

  2. You look adorable! Totally vintage college girl!
    I love that shirt, and these photos are all so lovely :)

  3. Oh, I love that blouse! You look so cute and collegiate. I heart it.

  4. I've just discovered your blog and I like your style, lady!

    This outfit is wonderful and I can definitely see the 40's inspiration. I will be reading your old entries after leaving this comment. Following! :)

    B from A plus B

  5. Your shoes are cute. Very nice School girl outfit!

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  6. Super cute outfit!! I love it !

    <3 Kelly

  7. I have always wanted to play to cello. I just love the sound. Love your outfit!

  8. I love this look!!! You have an amazing blog!! It is so refreshing to see somebody doing something different!!


  9. im so in love with this look! you look adorable. i recently rid my old clothes as well. I actually do it quite often so i can afford new clothes.

  10. This look is positively beautiful!! Everything pairs together so nicely.

    -Weezy from

  11. Lovely outfit... I love that it's so simple, yet chic! The pearls under your collar are a nice touch.

    Here, There, and Everywhere

  12. That look is so sweet :)
    I really like your blog, Im your newest follower,
    Im also 18 and didnt attend my graduation, only becuse Im lazy though lol :P lol


  13. i just found your blog and i love it. i love your style and your clothes!!! & i loooove that blouse you are wearing, you can ver go wrong with a peterpan collar. xoxo


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