Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I had some brand new shoes...

Yes, I promised outfit pictures soon, but I've been in a kind of slump. I had an amazing outfit on today, and this awesome giant bun in my hair, but was unable to get any pictures of it, at least decent ones. :(  (Yes I just did a cheesy frowny face, but that's the look on my face right now.) My older sister took them, but only wanted to take unflattering pictures of me, like ones that made my head look really big and my body small. Think the Queen of Hearts in the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Yeah. So I only have a few pictures, none showing my face because it was distorted in many ways. To make them interesting I photoshopped them a little.

Today, I decided to plan my fall wardrobe, on a budget.  I need a considerable amount of fall clothes, since I dropped two sizes since last fall, but don't have that much to spend. So first, I looked at my closet and decided what fall clothes I already had, and what I needed.  I then made a list of the item and the number of the item I need. I wrote...

2 cardigans/sweaters
4 Tops
3 Skirts
2 Jeans
2 Pairs of shoes
2 dresses

After that I looked online (where I do most of my shopping) for things that would go under those categories. After I picked a bunch, I narrowed the selections down to the number I needed. So for 2 cardigans/ sweaters I picked a cardigan from Urban Outfitters and a sweater from Fred Flare. Now I am going to keep those slightly expensive choices in mind and look for cheaper version or something that functions like the one before (either thrifted or from a less expensive store). Following me? Then if I can't find something like it cheaper, I'm going to buy the more expensive thing. This way I save money, but get the items I want.

The two dresses I want                                
I actually went to the mall today, and tried out my method. I was looking for a full black skirt, which was on Urban Outfitters for $68. I went to H&M and found a different black skirt, the worked just as well, for $17.95.  I also bought a pair of skinny jeans there for $10. My method is working!

Anyways, sorry for boring you guys with my anal shopping strategies. Tomorrow my sister said she'll take some outfit pictures for me at different locations. Then I hope do a wonderful mega post. Isn't that exciting!

Listening to: Brand New Shoes by She & Him


  1. I love your saddle shoes! And your shopping strategies. :)

  2. I agree with Meg. I do the same thing. Online shopping is the best-especially because I can't actually order anything since shipping from there would be too expensive.

    I really like the Urban Outfitters dress you picked up. DO share more of your finds when you've assembled your fall wardrobe :)

    B from A plus B


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