Friday, July 23, 2010

It might have been the lighthouse spark...

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Satchel: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace: Christmas Present
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell via Lori's Shoes

Today I went back to the lighthouse. Last time I visited it was so mysterious and spooky. This experience was quite the opposite. Apparently my mom and I aren't the only ones who know about the lighthouse. There were throngs of people entering the lighthouse. Herding through the door, up the stairs, down the stars, out the door. The lighthouse looked nothing like it did previously. I was disappointed. I was also not able to get any good pictures of my outfit because there were people all around me. For example there was a great picture of me on a windowsill, however there was a fairly heavy set woman in a proportionally small bikini behind me. Didn't really take me back in time like I intended.

I ended up taking most of my pictures outside on the beach instead and they ended up pretty good. I love beach lighting. It is always the best.

I love this picture of the watch. I tried to take a picture that showed off my sparkly nail polish and the necklace and this is the result I got. I personally love it!

Good night! which put the candle out?
A jealous zephyr, not a doubt.
Ah! friend, you little knew
How long at that celestial wick
The angels labored diligent;
Extinguished, now, for you!

It might have been the lighthouse spark
Some sailor, rowing in the dark,
Had importuned to see!
It might have been the waning lamp
That lit the drummer from the camp
To purer reveille!

Emily Dickinson

Listening to: James by Camera Obscura


  1. These are beautiful photos. You look great. I love your necklace and skirt. Did you take the photo of the lighthouse? Haven't seen one in ages.

  2. These are beautiful photographs. Maybe it's because nobody is in the final picture with the lighthouse but I think it looks extremely mystical and spooky!! Where in Connecticut are you from? I go to Quinnipiac University in Hamden. Love your blog, I'm a new follower.

  3. such a great outfit!
    i love the top. :)

  4. i love the print of your skirt. and its been so long since ive seen a little pocket watch like that. so cool!


  5. I love that photo of your pocket watch necklace; sparkly nail polish is one of my silly, girly weaknesses! And I'm sorry your lighthouse lost a bit of its magic with people swarming through it. The nice thing about having a style blog is that you captured your previous experience there. :)

  6. Great post. Love the touch of Dickinson. :)

  7. That shot of you by the window is great!


  8. these pictures are gorgeous! photos on the beach are just the best! I love the print of your skirt xxx

  9. Oh my goodness I want that skirt! And I love the lighthouse.


  10. I find something so enchanting about light houses. It may have something to do with the Movie Pete's Dragon. I don't know but in any case it looks like a fun little outing!

  11. I really love the picture of the pocket watch too, i have been looking out for one on thrifting missions (but have had no luck so far!) xx

  12. These photos are all so beautiful! I agree that beach lighting always seems to be just perfect no matter what beach you're on.
    Anyway, I love that skirt! This is a lovely outfit :)

  13. Very pretty outfit and very atmospheric lighthouse! Have you read the Virginia Woolf novel "To the Lighthouse?"

  14. I'm not sure how to respond to comments, but here's my attempt, please tell me if I'm doing it wrong...

    @Abi-Anne: Yes I did take the picture of the lighthouse, it was from the day before,so there aren't thongs of people in it.

    @Danielle: I'm from Litchfield County, and I'm actually going to Fairfield University in the fall.

    @Meggstatus: I love Pete's Dragon so I exclaimed out loud. I love Pete's Dragon!

    @Emily I haven't read "To the Lighthouse" only some of her essays, currently I'm trying to make my way through David Copperfield but I think I'll read that next!


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