Friday, August 6, 2010

My August Playlist!

So if you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ve probably noticed the newest addition, Music. Anyways, I wasn’t originally going to do this, but I’m making a new playlist each month. The playlist is going to consist of music that I’ve been listening to lately and that go well with the blog’s feel. Here’s the list and comments about a few songs…
An unflattering picture of me on my laptop. I didn't want this to be a pictureless post. I look slightly entranced by the computer screen. I wonder what I was doing?
  • We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire: This is one of my favorite songs from Arcade Fire’s new album, The Suburbs. It’s about a longing for time’s past where the simple things were precious (or at least that’s my interpretation). One of my favorite lines is “It seems strange, how we used to wait for letters to arrive. But what's stranger still, is how something so small can keep you alive.”
  • Airplanes by Local Natives: Local Natives is my new obsession. They are amazing. I wanted the make the whole playlist them, but decided against it (people need variety). This song makes me cry almost every time I listen to it. It’s about one of the band member’s grandfather that he never got to know. It reminds me of my great grandmother and how people say we are so alike, and I wish I could have known her.
  • Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine: I love this song especially for my blog because it invokes the feeling of a fairytale, all of her music does. My blog name is actually based on my favorite (but slightly obscure)fairytale from childhood, “The Three Dwarfs in the Wood” where the protagonist is forced to go find strawberries in the woods, in the snow, wearing a paper dress (hence the name). I’ll write more about the story another time.

  • Perfection as a Hipster by God Help the Girl: I love they’re sound. Catherine Ireton has the perfect voice. And I can relate to this line, “How should I wear my problem hair, my dirty, no good problem hair?” (It’s my life, I never know what to do with my hair, I don’t do anything to it, just brush it. Any suggestions would be great.)

  • Oh, La by Ra Ra Riot: I can’t get enough of those strings. If everything works out I’m probably going to see Ra Ra Riot preform in September. I’ve loved them for years so can’t wait!

** Tiered of writing, now the songs are just going to have a comment or two, possibly none at all. (I’m so  lazy at 12:45 am) **
  • Cemetry Gates by the Smiths: They’re the Smiths. They’re amazing. That’s it.
  • Eet by Regina Spektor: Her voice is haunting…
  • I Can Try by Sambassadeur: I love my strings!
  • Love Lost by the Temper Trap:  Invokes longing. Also makes me think of 500 Days of Summer.
  • Number One Son by Camera Obscura: Camera Obscura never disappoints.
  • Overnite Religion by Kurt Vile: My sister and I listened to this in our Jeep as we drove through a dirt road in the woods/ nature reserve. It was picturesque to say the least.
  • Quelqu'un m'a dit by Carla Bruni: I don’t understand a word of French, but the song is beautiful nonetheless.
  • Small Town Crew by the Brunettes: It suits the blog because I’m from a very small town. It only consists of 1,800 people (about half only live here on the weekends).
  • Why Do You Let Me Stay Here by She & Him
  • Windstorm by School of Seven Bells
  • Yulia by Wolf Parade
  • 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero
So that’s my playlist.
If you have any suggestions for my blog, PLEASE, suggest. Is there anything I’m missing? Any type of post I should do? Something I can change in the layout? Anything, I’m trying to improve, my feelings don’t get hurt easily. I thrive off constructive criticism. Also if you have any questions you can ask me a question on formspring or, better yet e-mail me at
Well, good night, I’m pooped.


  1. Lovely song choice! I have a few of them and am downloading the others now!

  2. Regina Spektor is amazing! Happy to see she made the list! :)


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