Monday, August 23, 2010

Keep moving forward...

So, as you might have noticed (if you've been on the blog before) there have been many improvements to the blog. What readers might not know about me is that I'm a perfectionist and I need things looking good. The blog was starting to look a little messy to me so I decided to make it snazzy and new looking with a fresh color palate. I also added a new banner and buttons to organize my mess of badges.

There is another new development... as of about fifteen minutes ago I made a twitter account! I've resisted twitter for quite some time, but i decided it would be a great way to connect more with everyone and network some more.

Also, one more thing...
I was thinking about doing a post about me based on questions asked on formspring (I haven't done an about me post yet). So I'm asking you guys to ask some questions and I'll answer them. Fun, right?

Anyways, goodnight, I'm exhausted...


  1. I absolutely love the layout of your blog-- I'm incredibly jealous, actually! I haven't the patience or the skill to perfect mine. :/

    And I would love to know everything about you! So share away!

    PS: I really love the new header. :)
    And your playlist.

  2. love your blog layout!! fabulous! :) x

  3. The new layout looks great! Love the colors and header :)

  4. And following. I know how exhausting changing around blog design can be. I know this because I have been putting it off forever, Great job.

  5. Oh i like the new layout! I have been um-ing and ah-ing about creating an actual banner for my blog....but i'm finding it difficult to get inspired at the mo.

    Oh and it's been raining so much here too! What has happened to the summer x


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