Thursday, August 12, 2010

You're sure to do impossible things, if you follow your heart...

I know very cheesy title and yes, I've been gone from the blogging world for quite some time. The break was in part caused by at the beginning laziness and towards the end, illness. But now I'm back and will now tell you about the title. So, I was at Target the other day looking for some final things for my dorm. I was frolicking around the children's area (where there are all of the toys and baby books, including this big foot toy display, which if you pressed a red button on the display it would make a big fuss by dancing and roaring (off topic?)) Anyways, I was in that section when I started to look at some kid' movies for $5 and there was my childhood favorite, Thumbelina. When I got home I was so excited about it I put it into my little sister's TV/ DVD player as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I jammed the DVD player, because there was another DVD in there before I put Thumbelina in there (my enthusiasm usually end in disaster). After sticking long flat objects into the DVD slot for about an hour, my father took the TV apart and retrieved both DVD's, though Thumbelina ended up quite scratched. I was so upset, but I wanted to check for sure if it was scratched. So I put it in the DVD player and watched it, the whole thing! It ended up working perfectly fine. As for the title, that's some lyrics to one of the Thumbelina songs.

Beret: American Apparel
Dress: Tulle (
Tights: Target
Clogs: Jeffery Campbell via Free People

I know it's still summer, but it was cold today and I've decided to enter this outfit in the Modcloth style contest on Weardrobe. Click here to like it and help me win (I probably won't, I'm such an optimist!)

Anyways I guess, after that riveting story I'll talk about my outfit. I'll start with the shoes. These are the most amazing shoes I've ever owned (even better that my jellies in 1st grade). I just received them in the mail today along with some of my college textbooks. When I first ordered them online it I had nightmares because they were sooooo much money ($145 including shipping). Yes, it's alot of money. And yes, I will probably not be buying anything else for a while. But, I see them as an investment. If I wear them all the time then they'll be worth the money.

This is a really funny picture because it's so candid. My mom was taking pictures and wanted me to read out of my new chemistry textbook. As I glanced at it I was shocked at the content. It was completely foreign to me.

This may seem off topic, but yesterday I was shopping with my mother and sisters my  mother was being helped by a very nice women. She casually asked what the ages of my two sister's and I were. My youngest sister says 11, my older sister says 19, and then I say 18. She was shocked. She then told me that I looked like her 14 year old daughter! I am so tiered of this.  I was getting my hair cut about a month ago and the one of the stylists asked my mom what grade I was going into. She said that I was going to be a freshman. He asks, "High school?" And when my mom responded with the correct answer s he says, "I could have sworn she was in High school." Ahhh! I feel like there is a certain expectation, set by the media, to look and dress a certain way. I'm supposed to wear tons of make up, and wear revealing clothes. Especially with people in their mid-twenties playing teenagers in movies and teen stars like Miley Cyrus, dressing disgustingly and sending skanky messages. I'm not like that and refuse to do that. I rather look a little younger than look like I'm trying to hard. That's a little revelation. I just had. Thanks for reading.

Watching: Thumbelina

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  1. Great outfit! Very chic. Love your shoes. You've got a nice blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  2. i love this charcoal look and the ring and the book! all such great inspiration.

    also, thanks for your comment today! i really needed those kind words today. thank you. :)

  3. Your blog is one of my favorites-- When you started talking about Thumbelina, I broke out in a big grin.

    And I can absolutely, 100000% relate to you on the being mistaken for being younger thing.. Just the other day, I was offered a children's menu when I was out with friends. It's so frustrating..

  4. You look so adorable in shades of grey! That dress is so cute. And I'm so glad you didn't ruin Thumbelina. ;)

    I'm intrigued by your shoes. Are they super high heels? Where can I find a pair? Aaahhh!

    And don't worry about looking too young for your age. In 5 years you'll be wishing you were a teenager again. I feel so old and I'm only 24; enjoy the youth while you can! Lol. But seriously, you don't look that young to me; I guess people just expect a certain thing when they see college kids? Like jeans and t-shirts and the subtle reek of pot. I still get carded at movies, so... I feel your pain. <3

    I'm going to "like" your weardrobe entry right now!

  5. You are so very nice!

    And that nightmare sounds pretty traumatizing! I used to have this dream that my whole family would laugh and laugh and no one would tell me why. I was so upset! Doesn't sound like much, but to a ten year old, it's pretty darn crazy..

  6. I love this look! I think all of the grays and blacks look really nice. Also, I've almost bought those shoes one million times, but I always end up wimping out.
    I've never seen Thumbelina, but I love bursts of childhood nostalgia. I've totally had those super excited moments of practially breaking the television to watch videos from when I was a kid!

  7. Oh you look so so adorable! I love the dress, the shoes and that beret, pretty much everything in this outfit:)

  8. I really love your outfit alot! I'm now following you!

  9. love your outfit!

    and i hear ya on jamming dvds in the slot...i've done that before to a *library* dvd. thankfully it was okay, but i was so embarrassed! ;)

  10. I adore this outfit and the pictures are great.
    By the way, your banner is completely awesome !

    see U !

  11. Don't even worry about it Catherine. I am the same - people think I am so much younger than 22. But it's good genetics and we'll be the ones laughing when everyone is aging prematurely :P

    I like your outfit a lot! The beret adds such an interesting detail and the fact that everything is gray makes the whole look cohesive. Lucky girl with Jeffrey Campbell shows!

    B from A plus B

  12. I love this grey ensemble, the beret is too cute.

  13. Your DVD story made me laugh. My excitement usually ends in disaster too. I guess I just lose all rational thought. Love this outfit, very school girl chic :]

  14. very cute dress, you look tres chic in that beret :)

    Polka dot dress giveaway

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  16. I used to feel the same way; everyone thought I was younger than I was. And they still do. But I've come to embrace it. There are enough hot girls out there, and fresh-faced, adorable, little girls are harder to find. For example, I'm getting my hair cut shorter and with bangs, all to amp up the cute factor. Plus, when we're in our forties, we'll absolutely love when people think we're younger! So embrace it. You're adorable, there's no shame in that. By the way, I love your outfit. The beret is the perfect touch!


    P.S. I pity you. I find chemistry unbearable.


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