Saturday, October 16, 2010

To settle our thoughts, never minding what for...

Dress: Vintage
Belt: H&M
Tights: Lord & Taylor
Boots: Jeffery Campbell via

So, this is my first outfit post in a while. I found time because I came home this weekend from college to catch up on some work. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate in college. It's ridiculous. There are people around all of the time and all you want to do is socialize. Especially on weekends, and especially when you need to study for midterms. So around Thursday I resolved I would go back home, so I wouldn't be tempted to socialize and could actually get work done. Though this may seem like a boring weekend, there is a silver lining: I get to blog!

Back to the topic of college. At first I really enjoyed college, there were great people, it was so much fun! Now I see what a lapse in judgement that was. It's terrible. My friend and I were talking and It's like limbo/ a retirement home/ brothel. It's the weirdest experience. Time passes quickly on the week days, never allowing work to be done and takes forever on the weekends. My friend describes this weird sensation that is college as, "shitting where we're eating." I couldn't have said it better myself. We are trapped in cell block sized rooms where we do everything, have scheduled times for everything, food laced with laxatives (I'm sure of it) and scheduled activities. It is a retirement home, but full of drunk sluts and bros. Oh, college. Hopefully it will get better

There are some fun things about college, like the radio station. My friend Cristina and I have our own radio show, as I said in my last post. Our show is called, "the Freshman 15" and we play fifteen of our favorite songs (I pick half, she picks half) and in between we talk about being freshmen. We've actually had some pretty interesting topics and we have people call in and everything. The music we play is mostly indie rock/ pop. Last week I played music from: God Help the Girl, the Dum Dum Girls, Owen Pallet, the Drums, the Zombies, Local Natives and Ra Ra Riot. So it's pretty chill. Another fun thing about college is the close proximity of concerts. I already went to a Ra Ra Riot one and now Cristina, I and a few other friends are actually going to a Matt and Kim concert in a few weeks and are so excited! I'll take pictures and share them with you guys.

Listening to: Dying is Fine by Ra Ra Riot

P.S. If you want to listen to my radio show you can go to and click on web stream. It's on 10-12 on Tuesday nights!


  1. "Shitting while we're eating."
    Best thing I've heard all day.

    College is nothing like I thought it'd be, though I only have half-the experience (I'm living at home until summer.)

    You are a doll, and I'm glad you're back blogging. As creepy as this'll sound, I like hearing from you!

  2. It's so awesome that you have a radio show! But hey, you should enjoy college while you can. It's such a unique, social and fun environment that I really miss. I loved living in the dorms; there was never a dull moment. Now I have to work 40 hours a week and I can't sleep through class or I'd never make rent. LAME. Enjoy your tiny room and the shared bathrooms while you can!

  3. great photos and your style)
    i realy like it))

  4. i love your photos, amazing!

  5. i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow

  6. I love your shoes...very snazzy.

    I wouldn't give up on college though it sounds like your experience has been pretty sucky. The radio station sounds cool. That's awesome that you've found one thing you like in college.

    Thanks for following my blog by the way.


  7. I adore this look from head to to, especially the boots.

  8. Wow Catherine,
    I love that your blog is not only a fashion blog where you take pictures of yourself, but also a writing blog. I think a lot of people miss this and it really is key to make that connection with people if you want them to follow it. Also, I am so sad that you are not enjoying college. I loved it so much (although my best friend, who was my roommate all 4 years, was the same way our first year). I think you are doing the right thing by finding hobbies you like (ie the radio show). I agree with Meg,that you should enjoy it while you can because it really is a great unique experience that I think about everyday (even more that I am quickly approaching my 30's). I think you have a great thing going and I'd like to hear more from you so I'm going to follow you on bloglovin'



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